My name is Arica. I am a wife, a mother, and according to my husband, a big tree-hugging hippie. It’s true. My quest for natural things extends from what I grow in the garden all the way across to what’s in my medicine cabinet.

I have two boys here on Earth. Our third son, Reece Michael was born on November 8th, 2015 and earned his wings for Heaven. Our boys were not-yet five and 18 months old when Reece died. Losing him at 34 weeks gestation was the most unnatural experience of my lifetime. No parent should have to bury a child, especially one who was barely Earthside. His death and subsequent birth has put me on a path I had never envisioned. I started this blog the January after he died in an effort to process my grief.

I can see the web of reach that Reece has had on our lives. I see all the people that have come into our path because he was on his way. And I see even more surrounding us now, some complete strangers, since Reece has left us here on Earth. His work was quick, but lasting, his impact reaching into things I can’t even imagine yet. In August of 2017, I began writing for Still Standing magazine.  I often focus my love and writing time there.


I don’t know what will come next. I have three sons. Two on Earth and one in Heaven. This is my journey through grief, love, and growth.

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